Cinema Capitol, 240 West Dominick Street, Rome, is accepting submissions for its second edition of the Local Film
Shorts Showcase on Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 7:30PM.

There will be a reception prior to the showcase starting
at 6:00 with complimentary food. Beer and wine will be available for purchase.
There is no entry fee. Entries should be limited to 3 per person/group/company. Entries are limited to 5 minutes or
less. Longer submissions can be permitted upon approval. Send inquiries for longer films to:
[email protected]
Entries will be accepted now through Sunday, October 6, 2019.


We have two under which you can submit: 1) Murder, Madness, Mayhem & Monsters! 2) Other. Other
literally means “other.” We realize that the Fall Halloween Season brings out a certain genre of film, and we invite
you to go with that urge, but we also do not wish to limit or discourage other material, so if you film has no murder,
madness, mayhem or monsters please submit under “other.” The event will also have special features that will be
announced in the upcoming weeks.

“Murder, Madness, Mayhem and Monsters”:

Your film doesn’t have to be about zombies or Halloween
themed, just seasonal. In case you didn’t notice, Fall isn’t the season where the sounds on the rooftop are coming
from reindeer!


Your entry in this category will receive the same consideration as seasonal “horror” entries. Remember, this is a
showcase and all types of entries from all budgets and skill levels, from novice to professional, are encouraged.
Animation, experimental, documentary, cell phone video, unique drone videos… you name it, it is up for consideration.
All films submitted should be around 5 minutes in duration or shorter!
As an incentive for early submission, when submissions are received for the showcase early entries willl be
considered for additional recognition. Submit early to have your short onsidered for the pre-show of our daily
movies at Cinema Capitol in the days and months leading up to the showcase!

For questions about your submission or inquiries about floor space for a product display at the reception, send an
email to [email protected]