Cinema Capitol will present the current-release drama (with comedic undertones), VICE, from Friday, January 25, through Thursday January 31.

VICE explores the epic story about how Dick Cheney, a bureaucratic Washington insider quietly became the most powerful man in the world as Vice-President to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.
Written and directed by Adam McKay, VICE stars Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, with Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Tyler Perry, and Alison Pill.

The 132 minute movie is rated R (for language and some violent images).

CineXpress said, “Absurd, dark and funny, VICE manages to work thanks to Bale’s Oscar-worthy turn and McKay’s sense of humor,” while critic Leonard Maltin notes, “VICE manages to be highly entertaining while offering considerable food for thought. That’s no small feat.”


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