By Ani Bundel, cultural critic, NBC News

The ‘Sesame Street’ documentary ‘Street Gang’ is not just nostalgia. It’s a real look inside the show.
Filmmakers could’ve relied on our collective love of the ubiquitous children’s series to reel in audiences. But they went further to fascinate us.

It would be easy for the “Sesame Street” documentary, “Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street,” to tip into hagiography: After all, it’s a beloved show and singular in how it approaches children’s television — possibly even deserving every accolade. But director Marilyn Agrelo’s deep dive behind the scenes of the show’s early years is remarkably clear-eyed both about the series and the people who made it.(Read more)

How did a group of rebels create the world’s most famous street? In 1969 New York, this “gang” of mission-driven artists, writers and educators catalyzed a moment of civil awakening, transforming it into Sesame Street, one of the most influential and impactful television programs in history.

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