Cinema Capitol will present the documentary LOOPERS: THE CADDIE’S LONG WALK from Friday, July 5-Thursday, July 11.

LOOPERS is narrated by Bill Murray. Centuries old and enjoyed by tens of millions of people worldwide, golf is seen by many as more than a sport. Yet what do we know about the other person on the course? The man or woman behind the player carrying the bag. This documentary explores the incredible bond that a golfer and a caddie develop. The film unveils the working dynamic between famous partnerships like the heartfelt story of Tom Watson and caddie Bruce Edwards. Conversely, it delves into the making of a caddie’s career with stories like Greg Puga — a young Bel Air Caddie from East Los Angeles who fought his way to Augusta to play in the Masters as a Mid-Amateur Champ.


The LOS ANGELES TIMES writes “LOOPERS gives the bag-carrying faithful a well-earned moment in the sun.”


LOOPERS runs 80 minutes and is rated PG. Admission is $8 for adults, $7 for students and military, and $6 for Capitol Friends.

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