The following list is updated regularly and is only a partial list of films for the weekend. More titles will be added. Check frequently for the latest additions leading up to Capitolfest 20.

Friday, August 11

`Friday, August 11                              


      Session #1 Silent movie accompaniment by David Peckham (organ)

9:30 am The Beggar Maid (Triart, 1921) D: Herbert Blache; Reginald Denny, Mary Astor SILENT (20 min.) DIGITAL


10:00 am The Fighting Adventurer (The Fighting American) (Universal, 1924) D: Tom Forman; Pat O’Malley, Mary Astor, Raymond Hatton (65 min.) SILENT

11:10 Intermission

11:30 am Ladies Must Love (Universal, 1933) D: E.A. Dupont; June Knight, Neal Hamilton, Sally O’Neil, Dorothy Burgess (70 min)

12:40 pm  Lunch break

       Session #2 

1:50 pm Caviar (Terrytoons/Educational, 1930) D: Frank Moser (first Terrytoon cartoon) (7 min.)


2:00 Follow Thru (Paramount, 1930) D: L. Corrigan, L. Schwab; Nancy Carroll, Buddy Rogers, Zelma O’Neal, Jack Haley (92 min)

3:40 Intermission

3:55 Alibi Bye Bye (RKO, 1935) D: Ben Holmes;Clark & McCullough, Dorothy Granger, Tom Kennedy, Bud Jamison (20 min.)


4:20 Pink Elephants (Terrytoons/Educational, 1937) D: Dan & George Gordon, Paul Terry (Terrytoon animated short) (7 min.)


4:30 Jennie Gerhardt (Paramount, 1933) D: Marion Gering; Sylvia Sidney, Donald Cook, Mary Astor, Edward Arnold (85 min.)

6:00  Dinner break

     Session #3 Silent movie accompaniment by David Peckham

7:50 pm Long Pants (Pathé, 1926) D: Fred Guiol; Glenn Tryon, Vivien Oakland, Cissy Fitzgerald, Sally O’Neil SILENT (25 min.)


8:15 The Golden Bed (Famous Players-Lasky, 1925) D: Cecil B. DeMille; Lillian Rich, Vera Reynolds, Henry Walthall, Rod La Rocque, Warner Baxter

9:20 Intermission

9:35 TALKIE FEATURE (war horse) T.B.A.

Saturday, August 12

Saturday, August 12                            


     Session #4  Silent movie accompaniment by Avery Tunningley (organ)

9:30 am Fashions in Love (Paramount, 1929) D: Victor Schertzinger; Adolphe Menjou, Fay Compton, Miriam Seeger, J. Miljan (73 min.)

10:50 Intermission

11:10 Screen Snapshots (Columbia, 1927) Mary Astor, et. al. (10 min.) SILENT



11:25 The Boy Friend (Roach, 1928) D: Fred Guiol, Leo McCarey; Max Davidson, Marion Byron, Bill Elliott SILENT (20 min.)


11:50 The Unknown (MGM, 1927) D: Tod Browning; Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford, Norman Keery (new George Eastman Museum restoration with restored footage) 70 min.

1:10 pm  Lunch break

     Session #5

2:20 pm Supper at Six (Universal, 1932) D: Lynn Shores; Maude Odell, Hilda Spong, Jack Arthur, The Ponce Sisters (20 min.)

2:45 Almost Married (Fox, 1932) D: Wm. Cameron Menzies; Violet Heming, Ralph Bellamy, Alexander Kirkland (50 min.)

3:45 Intermission

4:05 The Hollywood Gad-About (Educational, 1934) all-star short with Walter Winchell, M. Astor, J. Cagney, G. Cooper, et. al. (10 min.)


4:15 Private Jones (Universal, 1933) D: Russell Mack, Wm. Wyler; Lee Tracy, Gloria Stuart, Donald Cook, Emma Dunn (99 min.) (w/alternate final reel)

6:10  Dinner break


     Session #6 Silent movie accompaniment by Philip Carli (organ)

7:55 Brother of the Bear (Holman Day, 1921) D: Philip Carle; Huntley Gordon, Mary Astor SILENT (28 min.) DIGITAL


8:30 Blonde or Brunette (Paramount, 1927) D: Richard Rosson; Adolphe Menjou, Greta Nissen, Arlette Marchal SILENT (65 min.)

9:40 Intermission (15 min.) 


9:55  Talkie feature T.B.A

Sunday, August 13

Sunday, August 13                              


     Session #7  Silent movie accompaniment by Ben Model (organ)

9:10 am Wake Up and Dream (Universal, 1934) D: Kurt Neumann; Russ Columbo, Roger Pryor, June Knight, Catherine Doucet (77 min.)

10:35 Intermission

11:00 My Lady o’ the Pines (Holman Day, 1921) Huntley Gordon, Mary Astor SILENT (20 min.) DIGITAL



11:20 Second Fiddle (Tuttle Waller-Film Guild, 1923) D: Frank Tuttle; Glenn Hunter, Mary Astor, Townsend Martin (75 min.) SILENT

 12:45 pm Lunch break  


     Session #8  Silent movie accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli (organ)

1:50 pm Reckless Living (Universal, 1931) D: Cyril Gardner; Ricardo Cortez, Mae Clark, Norman Foster, M. Prevost, S. Summerville  (65 min.)

3:00 No Time to Marry (Columbia, 1938) D: Harry Lachman; Mary Astor, Richard Arlen, Lionel Stander, Virginia Dale (63 min.)

4:10 Intermission (15 min.)

4:25 Oh, Doctor! (Universal, 1925) D: Harry A. Pollard; Reginald Denny, Mary Astor, Otis Harlan, Wm. V. Mong (63 min.) SILENT DIGITAL Univ.