The following list is updated regularly and is only a partial list of films for the weekend. More titles will be added. Check frequently for the latest additions leading up to Capitolfest 20.

Friday, August 11

`Friday, August 11                              


      Session #1 Silent movie accompaniment by David Peckham (organ)

9:30 am The Beggar Maid (Triart, 1921) D: Herbert Blache; Reginald Denny, Mary Astor SILENT (20 min.) DIGITAL


10:00 am The Fighting Adventurer (The Fighting American) (Universal, 1924) D: Tom Forman; Pat O’Malley, Mary Astor, Raymond Hatton (65 min.) SILENT

11:10 Intermission

11:30 am Ladies Must Love (Universal, 1933) D: E.A. Dupont; June Knight, Neal Hamilton, Sally O’Neil, Dorothy Burgess (70 min)

12:40 pm  Lunch break

       Session #2 

1:50 pm Caviar (Terrytoons/Educational, 1930) D: Frank Moser (first Terrytoon cartoon) (7 min.)


2:00 Follow Thru (Paramount, 1930) D: L. Corrigan, L. Schwab; Nancy Carroll, Buddy Rogers, Zelma O’Neal, Jack Haley (92 min)

3:40 Intermission

3:55 Alibi Bye Bye (RKO, 1935) D: Ben Holmes;Clark & McCullough, Dorothy Granger, Tom Kennedy, Bud Jamison (20 min.)


4:20 Pink Elephants (Terrytoons/Educational, 1937) D: Dan & George Gordon, Paul Terry (Terrytoon animated short) (7 min.)


4:30 Jennie Gerhardt (Paramount, 1933) D: Marion Gering; Sylvia Sidney, Donald Cook, Mary Astor, Edward Arnold (85 min.)

6:00  Dinner break

     Session #3 Silent movie accompaniment by David Peckham

7:50 pm Long Pants (Pathé, 1926) D: Fred Guiol; Glenn Tryon, Vivien Oakland, Cissy Fitzgerald, Sally O’Neil SILENT (25 min.)


8:15 The Golden Bed (Famous Players-Lasky, 1925) D: Cecil B. DeMille; Lillian Rich, Vera Reynolds, Henry Walthall, Rod La Rocque, Warner Baxter

9:20 Intermission

9:35 TALKIE FEATURE (war horse) T.B.A.

Saturday, August 12

Saturday, August 12                            


     Session #4  Silent movie accompaniment by Avery Tunningley (organ)

9:30 am Fashions in Love (Paramount, 1929) D: Victor Schertzinger; Adolphe Menjou, Fay Compton, Miriam Seeger, J. Miljan (73 min.)

10:50 Intermission

11:10 Screen Snapshots (Columbia, 1927) Mary Astor, et. al. (10 min.) SILENT



11:25 The Boy Friend (Roach, 1928) D: Fred Guiol, Leo McCarey; Max Davidson, Marion Byron, Bill Elliott SILENT (20 min.)


11:50 The Unknown (MGM, 1927) D: Tod Browning; Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford, Norman Keery (new George Eastman Museum restoration with restored footage) 70 min.

1:10 pm  Lunch break

     Session #5

2:20 pm Supper at Six (Universal, 1932) D: Lynn Shores; Maude Odell, Hilda Spong, Jack Arthur, The Ponce Sisters (20 min.)

2:45 Almost Married (Fox, 1932) D: Wm. Cameron Menzies; Violet Heming, Ralph Bellamy, Alexander Kirkland (50 min.)

3:45 Intermission

4:05 The Hollywood Gad-About (Educational, 1934) all-star short with Walter Winchell, M. Astor, J. Cagney, G. Cooper, et. al. (10 min.)


4:15 Private Jones (Universal, 1933) D: Russell Mack, Wm. Wyler; Lee Tracy, Gloria Stuart, Donald Cook, Emma Dunn (99 min.) (w/alternate final reel)

6:10  Dinner break


     Session #6 Silent movie accompaniment by Philip Carli (organ)

7:55 Brother of the Bear (Holman Day, 1921) D: Philip Carle; Huntley Gordon, Mary Astor SILENT (28 min.) DIGITAL


8:30 Blonde or Brunette (Paramount, 1927) D: Richard Rosson; Adolphe Menjou, Greta Nissen, Arlette Marchal SILENT (65 min.)

9:40 Intermission (15 min.) 

9:58 pm The Awakening of Jim Burke (Columbia, 1935; 69 minutes; digital print [DCP]) Directed by Lambert Hillyer; with Jack Holt, Florence Rice, Jimmy Butler, Kathleen Burke.

     Hard-as-nails construction boss Jim Burke gave up custody to his son when he divorced his wife several years ago. When she passes away the son comes to live with Jim, who envisions a “chip-off-the-old-block,” but instead is disappointed to discover a sensitive budding violinist. “…there is a good supply of action interwoven.” –Variety; “A good program picture…The spectator feels deep sympathy for Jimmie Butler because of his unhappiness which is caused by his father’s misconception of how a young boy should act.” –Harrison’s Reports.

Sunday, August 13

Sunday, August 13                              


     Session #7  Silent movie accompaniment by Ben Model (organ)

9:10 am Wake Up and Dream (Universal, 1934) D: Kurt Neumann; Russ Columbo, Roger Pryor, June Knight, Catherine Doucet (77 min.)

10:35 Intermission

11:00 My Lady o’ the Pines (Holman Day, 1921) Huntley Gordon, Mary Astor SILENT (20 min.) DIGITAL



11:20 Second Fiddle (Tuttle Waller-Film Guild, 1923) D: Frank Tuttle; Glenn Hunter, Mary Astor, Townsend Martin (75 min.) SILENT

 12:45 pm Lunch break  


     Session #8  Silent movie accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli (organ)

1:50 pm Reckless Living (Universal, 1931) D: Cyril Gardner; Ricardo Cortez, Mae Clark, Norman Foster, M. Prevost, S. Summerville  (65 min.)

3:00 No Time to Marry (Columbia, 1938) D: Harry Lachman; Mary Astor, Richard Arlen, Lionel Stander, Virginia Dale (63 min.)

4:10 Intermission (15 min.)

4:25 Oh, Doctor! (Universal, 1925) D: Harry A. Pollard; Reginald Denny, Mary Astor, Otis Harlan, Wm. V. Mong (63 min.) SILENT DIGITAL Univ.