When it first opened, Cinema Capitol operated four days per week, offering the best of current-release independent cinema. Demand was strong and we soon started finding ourselves operating a thriving film program 365 days per year. The pandemic, however, required a slow re-opening.
Since November, we’ve had shows four days per week, Friday-Monday. But running fewer shows for a public audience does not mean that we’re any less active than usual! In the last few months, we’ve had our fair share of private events. These have included birthday parties for kids and adults alike, as well as private shows of movies we’re currently running.

In normal times, it is not easy to accommodate private shows. Operating every day means there is little time for anything else and private events must occur during weekdays, early on Saturdays, or late on Sundays. But having a few weeknights available has allowed us to welcome small groups who want a big screen to play their favorite movie or just get out of the house in a space they know will be sanitized. A recent review by a young man who had a birthday party here expressed that his friends thought it was awesome. I guess if you want to show off, have your birthday at Cinema Capitol!

I am not sure how much longer we will be offering $80.00 cinema rentals but if you would like an unique party option with fresh, buttery popcorn and ice cold soft drinks at a discount, we’re the place to do it. It’s a great idea for morale-boosting business gatherings and families who want to get out but are weary of public places. Each auditorium is fully sanitized before each show and seats can remain socially-distanced if needed.

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