Hello cat lovers. If you’re like me you can’t help but take tons of photos and videos of your favorite furry friend. Well here’s your chance to get those precious photos and videos on the movie screen at Cinema Capitol and the Capitol Theatre. On Sunday, March 10 we’ll be showing the Cat Video Fest at 2:30 in the Capitol Theatre and yours could be on the screen.

Send your photos or videos (no longer than 10 seconds) to [email protected] Be sure to include your name, your cat’s name and a brief description of comment up to 25 words.

We’ll be selecting entries as they come in and displaying them at on the movie screen at Cinema Capitol on the days leading up to the Cat Video Fest. On Sunday afternoon at the Capitol Theatre we’ll be presenting your local cat videos and pictures as part of the afternoon’s presentation of Cat Video Fest…So get yours to us today. (Materials must be received by 5PM, Friday, March 8, 2019.

As much as Kallie wants me to submit some photos I can’t do it because she works here. But there’s nothing to stop you from doing that right now!

Send photos & videos to: [email protected]

If your video or photo is too large to email, use this link to upload and send it to us.