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A Night at the Opera… and More! November 9

A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (MGM, 1935; 92 minutes) finds the Marx
Brothers (Groucho, Harpo, Chico) bringing chaos to the opera house in what critic Leonard Maltin has called, “Arguably their finest film.”

Proceeded by the short subjects:
1. HELPMATES (Roach, 1932; 20 minutes), in which Stan Laurel helps
Oliver Hardy clean up his house after a wild party, with disastrous results;

2. DIZZY DETECTIVES (Columbia, 1943; 17 minutes), The 3 Stooges
(Curly, Larry, Moe), are inept policemen charged with capturing a burglar who disguises himself as a gorilla!

Three of the greatest comedy teams of all time on one giant bill!

Rating: All Ages
Runtime: ~140 Minutes (with 10 Minute Intermission)
Language: English
Venue: Capitol Theatre
Format: Digital Print

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