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Black History Month: The Harder They Come (1972)

Join us for a LATE NIGHT edition of our Black History Month Series as we screen the 1972 genre defining classic THE HARDER THEY COME.

WITH A PIECE IN HIS HAND, HE TAKES ON THE MAN! The epochal cultural moment that first brought reggae to the international stage, made Jimmy Cliff a star — and demonstrated how music can change the world. Fifty plus years on, THE HARDER THEY COME is still electric with the feeling of discovery. This SCARFACE-y blend of crime drama and musical tracks Cliff’s story of a country-boy-in-search-of-fame as he traverses Jamaica under the guises of laborer, recording artist, convict, ganja dealer, and outlaw folk hero.

Before THE HARDER THEY COME, the collective perception of a “foreign film” was limited to the Bergmans and the Kurosawas of the world. This game-changer forever blew those doors off — and it still hasn’t lost a drop of its cool, its edge, or its way of making you dance.

Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 103 Minutes
Language: English
Venue: Cinema Capitol
Format: Digital Print
This is a Capitol produced event

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