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Cartoon Madness – The Many Faces of Fudd February 23

The Capitol will present its 16th annual Cartoon Madness festival during school break! A perennial favorite for adults and children alike, this event showcases several classic cartoons. Most of these cartoons are from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies series and feature some of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time! This year’s theme will be “The Many Faces of Fudd.”

The program will run at 3:00 daily, with shows at both 3:00 and 7:00 on Saturday, Feb. 23. The cartoon lineup will be the same for all show times

1. GIFT WRAPPED (Friz Freleng, 1952) Tweety
2. DAFFY DUCK & EGGHEAD (1938; Tex Avery)
3. BIG HOUSE BUNNY (1948; Friz Freleng) Bugs
4. ELMER’S CANDID CAMERA (1940; ) Elmer, Bugs
5. KISS ME CAT (1953; Chuck Jones) Marc Anthony, Pussyfoot
6. THE WABBIT WHO CAME TO SUPPER (1942; Bob Clampett) Bugs, Elmer


7. AN ITCH IN TIME (1943; Bob Clampet) Elmer
8. DRIP-A-LONG DAFFY (1951; ;Chuck Jones)
9. THE OLD GREY HARE (1944) Elmer, Bugs
10. ZIPPING ALONG (1953; Chuck Jones) Roadrunner
11. KIT FOR CAT (1948; Friz Freleng) Elmer, Sylvester
12. EASTER YEGGS (1947; Robert McKimson) Bugs, Elmer

Rating: G
Runtime: ~105 Minutes
Language: English
Format: Digital Print