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Comedy Double Feature

A double feature of two of the funniest Paramount comedies from the 1930s!

Up first, Horse Feathers (Paramount, 1932; 68 minutes; B & W; 35mm film.) with the Four Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo) in one of their best movies as Groucho becomes the unlikely president of a college. One classic sequence after another, with that wild football game finale. Also starring Thelma Todd and David Landau; directed by Norman Z. McLeod. “The Brothers have never been so chaotic or so aggressively funny.” –Time Out.

Man on the Flying Trapeze (Paramount, 1935; 65 minutes; B & W; 35mm film) stars the legendary W.C. Fields as a timid office clerk who is persona non grata with his worthless family. Also stars Mary Brian, Kathleen Howard, and Grady Sutton; directed by Clyde Bruckman. “Hilarious Fieldsian study in frustration, with able assistance from hardboiled wife and good-for-nothing Sutton.” –Leonard Maltin’s Movie and Video Guide.

Both movies are shown via 35mm film prints directly from Universal Pictures.

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