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Magic Movie Ticket

Behold! You have come across a MAGIC MOVIE TICKET. Do not pass up this opportunity to possess a MAGIC MOVIE TICKET for they only come around once every 77 years (yes, 77 because they’re lucky too).
With the purchase of a MAGIC MOVIE TICKET — which you can buy right here, right now — you are buying a ticket to a movie in the future held at Cinema Capitol! That’s right, a future movie! It is possible we have not even heard of the movie you’ll use this Magic Ticket on… You’ll say, “well, how do I know it will really get me into a movie, what if prices go up or it’s a special show or something?” It’s MAGIC, that’s how, and you have our word, and our word is our bond.
Did we mention yet that it comes with a free small popcorn or soda? That’s not magic though, that’s just good old fashioned promotion. All the same, that’s a good deal. Concessions and a future-movie? To what do we owe the pleasure you might be wondering? Well, we need your support, and MAGIC has a way of showing up when it’s needed most.
The truth is, we’re closed. Money is a scary subject for everyone, we know. We are a member-funded organization, you all know that, but ticket sales and concessions help keep the wheels spinning in a big way. We don’t feel 100% right asking for the donations we need right now (we know you’re probably in the same boat) so how about an investment in both our futures? Your MAGIC TICKET purchases are magic to us and they’ll help us make it to the other side of this thing. PLUS future-you will give a big THANK YOU to past-you when you’re getting a righteous deal and nestling into your favorite seat at Cinema Capitol.
The best part? Make the purchase and POOF the deed is done. Your purchase will immediately help The Capitol Arts Complex and send future-you a sweet little gift to be picked up at our box office in the future. Once we’re back open and you have a movie you want to see just give us your name (or whatever name you give us when ordering if you’re into using aliases) and we will pull your MAGIC TICKET from the ether and swap it for a ticket to the film screening of your choosing!
Is this confusing? I am trying my best to make it clear, readable and fun, but if it’s confusing just give us a call at 315.533.0321
SEIZE THE FUTURE, fellow cinema lover, buy a MAGIC TICKET now!

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