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Mister America October 9

Join us at Cinema Capitol for a very special nation-wide, one-night-only event as we screen the new film from Tim Heidecker of the hit cult Adult Swim TV show, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Our one-night-only screenings will feature an exclusive introduction to the film that will not be shown anywhere else. The film will also be followed by an equally exclusive prerecorded Q&A with Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington. See this film BEFORE it premiers for the fancy-pants folks of Hollywood and New York City as we bring it to the people who will love it most–you!

Mister America follows the story of a young filmmaker, Tim Heidecker, during the last month of his campaign for San Bernardino County District Attorney. Heidecker, who recently beat a murder charge for selling faulty e-cigarettes at an EDM festival, has mounted the campaign as an act of absurd revenge against the current DA, whom he faced in court. Despite a checkered past and no legal qualifications, he attempts to win over voters by leaning into his personal likability. It does not go well.

Rating: R
Runtime: 86 Minutes
Language: English
Venue: Cinema Capitol
Format: Digital Print

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