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Murder Mystery Double Feature September 28

The Capitol Theatre’s annual Murder Mystery Double Feature returns to the BIGGEST screen in town on Saturday, September 30! Watch these two classic murder mysteries the way they were meant to be seen–projected from 35mm prints using period appropriate CARBON ARC projection and all for one admission ticket!

First up, Warner Oland stars as Charlie Chan, who asks a fortuneteller (Bela Lugosi) and others about a starlet slain in Hawaii in “The Black Camel” (1931). Next up, “The Preview Murder Mystery” (1936), starring Reginald Denny and Frances Drake, in which a studio public relations man attempts to trap a killer using television technology.

To round out this fun night, we’ll be presenting a live-on-stage murder mystery for you, the audience, to solve for prizes!

Rating: PG; PG
Runtime: ~150 Minutes (including 15 minute intermission)
Language: English
Venue: Capitol Theatre
Format: 35mm Prints

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