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Out After Midnite: Daddy Issues June 1

17 April , 2019

Not Rated (Not Suitable For Children)
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Join us for the kickoff of our Pride Month screenings as we show “Daddy Issues” a new film by up and coming talent Amara Cash.
Boasting one of indie cinema’s most visually stimulating designs in recent memory Daddy Issues takes on issues of sexual orientation, digital age relationships, social media ‘identity’ and these issues many intersections.

Maya, a queer pixie artist, meets and falls madly in love with her insta-crush: the sexually fluid fashionista, Jasmine. It’s all gumdrops and fairytales until Maya discovers Jasmine’s passionate relationship with a secret sugar daddy.

Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 88 Minutes
Language: English
Venue: Cinema Capitol
Format: Digital Print

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