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Rising Stars Showcase: The Mystery Of The Collage

THE MYSTERY OF THE COLLAGE. is a two act ghostly musical mystery presented by the Capitol Theatre Rising Stars. The story revolves around a historic theatre and arts complex rumored to be haunted by a phantom. When Henrick, a troubled art student wins an award for the wrong reasons his personality changes and his friends turn against him. A bitter rivalry disrupts rehearsals for the Fall Show, a tribute to the 1920s when the theatre first opened 100 years ago. Evidence of a theatre ghost discovered by the drama students is followed by the disappearance of some of Henrick’s former friends. Their pictures mysteriously appear in his award winning artwork, a collage of the faces of missing children. But the show must go on so the students decide to solve this mystery themselves. Two original songs and lively music from the 1920s along with colorful sets and costumes, some drama, some comedy, and a bit of history make this family friendly show both thought provoking and fun for children and adults. It may not be of interest to children under 5.

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