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Utica: The Last Refuge Fundraiser & Discussion November 3

Join us at Cinema Capitol for a panel discussion about the upcoming film Utica: The Last Refuge which tells the ever-evolving story of Utica, a city that has been redefined by its refugee and immigrant population.

Utica: The Last Refuge focuses on Utica’s Refugee Center, an organization that refuses to become yet another casualty of tightening federal immigration policy and balances the need to support new arrivals as well as situate refugees that have already arrived and are transitioning into a new life in the United States. As is shown in the documentary, The Center knows something many don’t: refugees are helping save their city.

This issue is timely, the film is nearing completion but your support and potential contribution to finish editing this film are needed. Let’s start a conversation at Cinema Capitol where you can hear about the work that is being don both at the refugee center as well as by the film making team.

Support this amazing organization and the fantastic filmmakers by joining us for this FREE EVENT where you can make a direct contribution to their projects while learning about the work that is being done, and how you can get involved in the work that is still ahead!

  • November 3, 2019 7:00 pm - Free,Special - Buy Ticket