Cinema Capitol (230 W. Dominick St.) will offer three separate programs covering the three Academy Award categories of short subjects during the week starting Friday, January 31 and running through Thursday, February 6. The programs are as follows:

Animation (approx. one hour, 20 minutes): DCERA (Czech Republic), HAIR LOVE (USA), KITBULL (USA), MEMORABLE (France), SISTER (China/USA). Program to be screened 1/31 (Friday) at 4:00, 2/1 (Saturday) at 7:00, 2/2 (Sunday) at 1:00, 2/4 (Tuesday) at 7:00.

Live Action (approx. one hour, 45 minutes): BROTHERHOOD (Tunisia), NEFTA FOOTBALL CLUB (Tunisia/France), THE NEIGHBOR’S WIDOW (USA), SARIA (USA), A SISTER (Belgium). Program to be screened 1/31 (Friday) at 7:00, 2/1 (Saturday) at 4:00, 2/3 (Monday) at 7:00, 2/6 (Thursday) at 7:00.

Documentary (approx. two hours, 38 minutes): LEARNING TO SKATEBOARD IN A WARZONE (IF YOU’RE A GIRL) (UK), LIFE OVERTAKES ME (Sweden/USA), IN THE ABSENCE (South Korea), ST. LOUIS SUPERMAN (USA), WALK RUN CHA-CHA (USA). Program to be screened 2/1 (Saturday) at 12:30, 2/2 (Sunday) at 4:00, 2/5 (Wednesday) at 7:00.

All movies in languages other than English will be subtitled.

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