Get up early for the Oscar Nomination Breakfast, Tuesday, January 22 at Cinema Capitol.

The doors open at 7:30 in the morning and the live announcements begin shortly after 8 on ABC. Copperccino’s Coffee House will be pouring complimentary hot coffee and serving breakfast fare to keep you wide awake watching the nominations on our Cinema Capitol movie screen. We know it sounds crazy to have a party at 7:30 in the morning at the start of a workday-a Tuesday no less- but over the last two years we have learned we aren’t the only ones who are Oscar watchers–you are too!

We’ll Also Have A Chance To Win The Perfect Prize
For The True Movie Lover!
At the Oscar Nominations Announcement Breakfast as we watch the contenders for all the Oscar categories be announced live on our big screen (in super HD), we’ll be announcing an award of our own! One person at our Oscar Announcement Breakfast will win a free pass to every Oscar nominated movie that we show at Cinema Capitol and the Capitol Theatre for the entire year of 2019! That is a prize any true movie fan would love to win-and it could be you! Whether it was a best picture winner in 1968 or is the loser for best makeup in 2015, or up for three awards this year–if it was nominated for an Oscar and your win our prize at the Breakfast, you will receive two free tickets to that show!

PS: As many of you know, over the past two years we have screened the Academy Awards show at Cinema Capitol-and we’ll do it again this year on Sunday, February 23rd-bigger than ever!

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