Spring 2020’s session of the
Capitol’s Rising Stars youth
theater program was going to
be a great. Registration was
filled to capacity! However,
the session was cancelled for
obvious reasons.
We’re happy to say that the
program, which provides fun
performing arts instruction
for youth as young as 2nd
grade, is returning.
The program’s instructor, professional
actress Janet Foote,
is thrilled to see the kids
again. Classes will resume on
Saturday, March 27 and will
provide a safe and clean place
for youth to socialize and
learn some new skills.
Over the years, Rising Stars
has had many instructors but
Foote has proven popular
with students. Those aging
out of the program were so
disappointed at the prospect
of leaving that the age bracket
was extended to include
college-age students! We’re
excited to have the program
back and to see what the kids
can accomplish.


Class sizes are limited in size to keep with COVID protocol

Contact Janete Foote at [email protected]

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