Rome Capitol Theater Summerstage announces auditions for a summer of Music and Laughter

The Rome Capitol Theater announces their 2019 Summerstage season and auditions for both shows.. The first show of the summer will be Shrek , The Musical. This zany musical brings that loveable Ogre and his storybook friends live to the Capitol Stage. Shrek will be presented July 11-13. The second show will be the hit musical that brings back the memorable music of ABBA –Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia will be presented August 1,2,& 3.

Auditions for both shows will be held on Monday, May 20th in the rehearsal space behind the Capitol Theater. Shrek auditions will be from 5-7pm . There are roles available for ages 7 years and above. Auditions for Mamma Mia will be held from 7-9pm. There are roles available from ages 15 and above. Those auditioning will be asked to sing a portion of a given song from the show they are auditioning for. Those auditioning should wear loose fitting clothes and hard soled shoes for the choreography audition. You may audition for one or both shows.

Peter Loftus is directing and Randy Fields is Choreographer for both shows. Karen Corigliano is Musical Director for Shrek and Bonnie Hibbard is Musical Director for Mamma Mia. Those unable to audition on the 20th, but are interested, should contact The Capitol. If further cast are needed, they will be called.

Here are the Cast Lists For Each Production

Shrek cast List

SummerStage 2019 Show Title Details Redacted By Peter Loftus

The date for SummerStage 2019 auditions will be Monday, May 20th starting at 5pm in the rear building of the Capitol Arts Complex behind the Capitol Theatre. Additional information and details about the two shows (the first is July 11 through 13 and the second is August 1 through 3) have been redacted by SummerStage Director Peter Loftus.

His decision to not announce the titles was met by opposition during the recent SummerStage organizational meeting. Members of that committee are demanding the full unredacted details of this summer’s program be released immediately.

Peter Loftus and members of the committee were not available for additional comments.