Rome Capitol Summerstage announces auditions for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Auditions will be held on Wednesday, July 6 th in the rehearsal studio behind the Capitol Theater. Ensemble and lead roles are available for ages 14 and above. Those wishing to audition for the ensemble will be heard from 5:30 – 7. Those auditioning for a lead role will be heard from 7-9. Anyone auditioning should make themselves familiar with specific songs prior to the audition.  The musical will be performed August 4-6 and is directed by Peter Loftus and Musical Director Karen Corigliano.

Superstar auditions

Jesus Christ Superstar ltr I to K Take TOP notes

Judas Iscariot Superstar ltr O ad lib over chorus to end

Superstar ltr I to K Take TOP notes

Judas. Death ltr D to E

Mary Magdalene Everything·s Alright ltr A to B

Pontius Pilate Trial by Pilate ltr Y to END

Caiaphas Judas’ Death ltr B-C
Damned for All Tune ltr G to H
This Jesus Must Die ltr H to 2nd measure ofl

Judas· Death ltr B-C
Damned for All lime ltr G to H
This Jesus Must Die ltr F to G (including priest lines)

Peter The Arrest ltr A to B (sing Jesus· line)

Simon Zealotes Simon Zealotes Ltr E-through F

King Herod Herod’s Song Ltr G-THROUGH H

Apostles Last Supper A-8

Chorus The Temple Letter H will be solo lines
The Temple Letter F parts singing together
Those auditioning for chorus will be in small groups and ·will sing
the harmony parts as well as solo lines in The Temple.