A Christmas Story Live Experience 2021 November 26 & 27

Meet The Cast, Watch The Movie On A HUGE Screen, Enjoy A Live Trivia and Q&A, and Hangout With The Cast At A Celebrity VIP Party!

Available both In-Person and Virtual. Click the ticket link for full information.



The Campfire Tour 2021

Friday, October 8, 8pm

The Campfire Tour 2021 features Whitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra and Brandon Gibbs delivering a show loaded with music from various bands each have been part of.


All Revved Up the Meat Loaf Tribute

Saturday, September 9 • 8pm

All Revved Up The Ultimate Meat Loaf Concert Experience


Eric Martin & Anthony Corder

Anthony Corder of Tora Tora Acoustic co-headlines with Eric Martins BIG Acoustic featuring PJ Farley of Trixter And Ben Hans.


LoVeSeXy – A Tribute to the Music of PRINCE

LoVeSeXy is the Premier tribute to the music of PRINCE! LoVeSeXy performs a remarkable, spot-on sound-alike, hi-energy show featuring a wide range of songs including all of PRINCE’s greatest hits, from his early years & throughout his long career.


 Spring, 2022

The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra


The Horror Classic Saturday, October 2

The feature will be preceded by a seven minute cartoon.

The Blob (1958) color, 86 minutes, digital.

The definitive cheesy ’50s horror movie about a strange, red mass of protoplasm that arrives via a meteor and continues to grow, eventually attaining such a size that it is able to consume every living thing it encounters. The first starring role for Steve McQueen, this flick has to be seen in a classic movie palace to be properly appreciated! Directed by Irvin S. Leaworth, Jr. “It’s exuberant and extraordinary, and just nasty enough.” –Suite101.com  “…there’s something charming about it, as if all the tacky aspects of the 1950s (and again, I’m talking about the white, squeaky clean, small town 1950s) were distilled into a fast-moving 86 minutes. –Playback:stl

Tickets available soon!

The Universal Horrors Halloween double feature on Saturday, October 30, will feature Bela Lugosi in what are, in our opinion, his two greatest film roles. These are digital restorations from Universal pictures, and the double feature will be shown twice, at 2:30 and 7:00 pm. Three hours of Lugosi at his best!