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The Tingler (1959)

Not RatedSuitable for all ages

Vincent Price stars in the horror-thriller THE TINGLER, as a coroner who discovers a parasitical creature that feeds on fear and grows on people's spines; the creature can only be subdued by screaming. Also in the cast is Judith Evelyn, Darryl Hickman, Philip Coolidge, and Patricia Cutts. Directed by "schlock artist" William Castle, the movie was originally shown in a process called "Percepto," which, during a scene in which the Tingler escapes in a movie theater, audiences experienced the tingler's presence. The Capitol Theatre screening will include the "Percepto" effect; those audience members who wish to avoid intensity of Percepto are urged to not sit in the center section of the Capitol Theatre orchestra seats! The feature will be preceded by short subject(s) tba.


Runtime: 82 Miunutes

Language: English

Format: Digital Print

Saturday 27, October