Cinema Capitol Local Film Showcase
Includes A Pre-Movie Reception
And Special Features

Cinema Capitol is accepting submissions for its second edition of the Local Film
Shorts Showcase on Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 7:30PM.

There will be a reception prior to the showcase starting
at 6:00 with complimentary food. Showcase screening begins at 7:30. Beer and wine will be available for purchase.
There is no entry fee. Entries should be limited to 3 per person/group/company. Entries are limited to 5 minutes or
less. Longer submissions can be permitted upon approval. Send inquiries for longer films to:
[email protected]
Entries will be accepted now through Sunday, October 6, 2019.


We have two under which you can submit: 1) Murder, Madness, Mayhem & Monsters! 2) Other. Other
literally means “other.” We realize that the Fall Halloween Season brings out a certain genre of film, and we invite
you to go with that urge, but we also do not wish to limit or discourage other material, so if you film has no murder,
madness, mayhem or monsters please submit under “other.” The event will also have special features that will be
announced in the upcoming weeks.

“Murder, Madness, Mayhem and Monsters”:

Your film doesn’t have to be about zombies or Halloween
themed, just seasonal. In case you didn’t notice, Fall isn’t the season where the sounds on the rooftop are coming
from reindeer!


Your entry in this category will receive the same consideration as seasonal “horror” entries. Remember, this is a
showcase and all types of entries from all budgets and skill levels, from novice to professional, are encouraged.
Animation, experimental, documentary, cell phone video, unique drone videos… you name it, it is up for consideration.
All films submitted should be around 5 minutes in duration or shorter!
As an incentive for early submission, when submissions are received for the showcase early entries willl be
considered for additional recognition. Submit early to have your short considered for the pre-show of our daily
movies at Cinema Capitol in the days and month leading up to the showcase!

For questions about your submission or inquiries about floor space for a product display at the reception, send an
email to [email protected]


If you do not have any online content or way to upload, you can drop off a flash drive or Bluray/DVD with an entry form at the Capitol Theatre Box Office during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 10am-5pm) or mail it to us at: Local Movie Submission Capitol Theatre 220 West Dominick Street Rome, NY 13440. Please do not send originals as we cannot guarantee their return.
Write any inquiries or additional information you might have. If you would like to submit more than one video, please fill out a another form after you hit the submit button. While there is no charge for submitting your video, we ask for a limit of three. Also remember to keep the five minute limit in mind. Thank you for your interest in our showcase and whether your submission is chosen to show, please come to the presentation on October 17. It will be a great time to meeet with tothers who either produce or enjoy locally produced video projects.
1. I certify to the Capitol Civic Center that I have the right to submit this film to the Cinema Capitol Local Shot Film Showcase and to authorize the uses of it provided herein. I also certify that I have the rights to use in this film any third-party material contained in the film, such as music or film clips from other works. I will indemnify and hold harmless the Cinema Capitol Local Film Short Showcase, its sponsors and partners, individually and collectively, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities, and expenses, including legal expenses arising out of or in connection with any and all claims or third-party claims based on material submitted to the Big Water Film Festival. Big Water Film Festival has permission to use my name, my film, photos, and press materials for festival promotion. If my film is accepted I grant Cinema Capitol Local Film Short Showcase full permission to show my film at the 2019 Cinema Capitol Local Film Short Showcase and agree that Cinema Capitol Local Film Short Showcase can screen my entry and post online for the remainder of 2019. After that date, I can request the film be removed from online post and screening with exception of future promotional purposes for the Cinema Capitol Local Film Short Showcase.


The Showcase Night Is  a full night of entertainment!

Starting a 6:30pm with a pre-movie reception party, the Showcase will offer everyone an opportunity to network and enjoy a cold beer and food in addition to the regular concession stand offerings.

The actual showcase begins at :7:30pm. In addition to the locally produced short films submitted for consideration will be animations from Hamilton College students & students at MWPAI,and other short features.

Following the Showcase will be the second special presentation from The Association of Moving Image Archivists — 22 astonishing films and videos in 110 minutes from archives and archivists around the world! Archival Screening Night has been the centerpiece of every AMIA conference since 1991. What makes Archival Roadshow Edition special is that for the first time ever, this members-only event is being made accessible to the public to see the incredible, strange, astonishing, hilarious and curious treasures from the world’s moving image archives. This cinematic Cabinet of Wonders features a wonderful promotion for a lost Thai film, a bizarre anti-drug commercial with Alice in Wonderland, a banned experimental film from Albania, Josephine Baker dancing the Charleston in wooden clogs, a commercial to buy your own Stonewall action figures, and many more!