What is the Capital Campaign?

The Capital Campaign is a specialized, short-term fundraising effort that supports the growth of an organization. These campaigns are undertaken when an organization is doing well and wants to do even more, even better. Capital refers to the nature of the work (construction- and materials-related), which is a little confusing because when the building is referred to directly, it is spelled with an “o”!

Capital campaign gifts are the types of gifts that, quite literally, make dreams come true. They tend to be of a higher dollar amount, and because of this, are able to be pledged over months or years, allowing even those who do not think they can make a difference to actively support an organization they love, so that it can grow and thrive into the future.

In the case of Capitol Arts Complex, several years ago we decided that we needed additional space to more effectively achieve our mission. After exploring our options, we purchased three adjacent buildings – two of which were originally built for PAR Technologies, and had most recently housed Oneida County Social Services – with plans to renovate them into additional artistic venues and retail space.

The “quiet” portion of our capital campaign was quite successful, and allowed us to renovate 230 West Dominick Street to create Cinema Capitol. We have now raised over 70% of our $5.25 million project goal, and only $1.5 million remains to be raised!

There are a variety of ways to give to the Capital Campaign. See the brochures below for more information.

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