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Hitchcock, Buried But Alive! Shadow of a Doubt

Join us for the first installment of our BURIED BUT ALIVE! series since 2021! As you may recall, in this series we present the lesser known titles of master filmmaker, and in this case specifically, the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock. We aim to screen the titles that have been forgotten, the films that dwell in the shadows of Hitchcock’s masterpieces “Psycho”, “Vertigo” and “The Birds” but are, we argue, just as deserving of an active and engaged modern audience.

In 1943’s Shadow of a Doubt: Charlotte “Charlie” Newton is bored with her quiet life at home with her parents and her younger sister. She wishes something exciting would happen and knows exactly what they need: a visit from her sophisticated and much travelled Uncle Charlie Oakley, her mother’s younger brother. Imagine her delight when, out of the blue, they receive a telegram from Uncle Charlie announcing that he is coming to visit them for awhile. Young Charlie begins to notice some odd behavior on his part, and when two strangers appear asking questions about him, she begins to imagine the worst about her dearly beloved Uncle Charlie.

Rating: PG
Runtime: 108 Minutes
Language: English
Format: Digital Print
Venue: Cinema Capitol

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