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DOD Series: The 46ers

Join us for the next title in a special series celebrating the tenth anniversary of Cinema Capitol: A Decade of Different!

The 2015 documentary The 46ers was the best-selling title of 2015 and the third highest selling title in the Cinema’s history.

In New York State’s Adirondack Park, 46 mountains known as the “High Peaks” rise over 4,000 feet in elevation. The men and women who successfully summit all 46 are known as the “46ers.” The film contains compelling stories, both humorous and heartrending, of individuals who make this journey and encourages stewardship and environmental conservation. What draws these people? The desire to reach the top is fueled by more than casual interest; rather, a force of nature calls them home. Ultimately, love triumphs the physical challenges of hiking-love between the mountains and the people who climb them.

Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 65 Minutes
Language: English
Venue: Cinema Capitol
Format: Digital Print

This is a Capitol Produced show and series

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