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October Special Events

The Annual Classic presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show hits the screens for two nights: October 9 and 16. Tickets available soon!

Thursday, October 21

The Annual double feature night featuring an adaption of a silent movie classic accompanied by live music followed by a full length horror film. This year is the 25 minute adaptation of the 1923 silent movie classic “Phantom of the Opera, with music accompaniment by the No Budget Orchestra featuring Juliane Price vocals and violin; Tim Parker, organ and piano; Aaron Myatt, percussion; Rick E. Lewis, synth guitar.  Second feature is a full length movie. “Phantom of the Paradise”-directed by Brian DePalma, is a rock-n-roll version of the original  with a serious nod to Rocky Horror Picture Show! In fact, the movie cam out a full year before Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!! The movie features Wolfman Jack, Paul Williams, Narrator Rod Serling and more.

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