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Drums Along The Mohawk (1939)

Rome’s Capitol Theatre will screen a six-movie series, The Great American Novel, in the 1928 auditorium beginning September 24. Presented in conjunction with Jervis Public Library and the Keaton & Lloyd Bookshop, the series will focus on critically-acclaimed American movies based on classic American novels.

Drums Along the Mohawk (20th Century Fox, 1939; color, 103 minutes) Boonville, N.Y.-born author, Walter D. Edmonds’ best-selling novel was colorfully brought to the screen by the legendary Hollywood director John Ford. The story of life in Upstate New York (set primarily in Deerfield, near present-day Utica) during the American Revolution stars Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert, Edna May Oliver, Ward Bond, and John Carradine. “Action, drama, sentiment, humor deftly interwoven in beautiful Technicolor production.” –Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide.

Please note: although the movies are rated for general audiences, parents and guardians should use their discretion, recognizing that all the movies have moments of intensity that could prove disturbing for young children.

Runtime: 104 Minutes
Rating: PG
Language: English
Format: Digital Print
Venue: Capitol

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